Photography Sessions

Includes a photography session ranging from 1 to 2 hours, on location (home, park, scenic, etc ... ), the photographer's pre and post-shoot consultations, surveying prospective locations, wardrobe and make-up recommendations - as needed, professional editing of your images, a post-shoot in-person gallery viewing and ordering consultation, yummy treats for your pet, and a guaranteed fun time. Includes, up to three subjects (pets and their people). A non-refundable $250 deposit will be collected when the photography session is scheduled. The $250 fee will be credited to your Collection and product purchase. Customized no-interest payment plans for all Collections and products are available. Credit cards accepted.

   Blue Merle Photography creates and sells artistic gallery quality photographic works in both high resolution digital images and printed works in all sizes, for wall displays, albums, memoir jewelry, and even pet tags! 

Session Information

Sit, Stay, Fetch!

The photography session is the time I spend with you and your pet taking the actual photographs, creating the poses in the settings and backgrounds for the portraits. It includes a minimum time frame for the photo session at a pre-arranged location, the photographer's pre and post-shoot time including pre-shoot client meeting and surveying prospective locations, professional editing of your images, post-shoot in-person ordering consultation and gallery viewing, yummy treats and toys for your pet, and a guaranteed fun time. Includes, up to, three pets. Additional travel fee may be incurred for shoots outside the regular service area, or additional pets. The fee for the Photography Session will be collected when the session is scheduled. Products, prints and digital images are sold separately. Customized no-interest payment plans for all Collections and products are available. Please call (727) 559-2873 or email to book your session. The session fee will be collected at the time you reserve the photography session. Blue Merle Photography accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and cash.

   Blue Mere Photography is primarily an on-location photography studio. I travel clients' homes, parks, and scenic venues to create the most stunning and unique photographs of your pet. In-studio sessions are available. For outdoor on-location photography sessions, please keep in in mind that Florida has a raining season, a hurricane season, a hot and humid season, dry season, etc ... So,for the safety of your pets, times for outdoor sessions will vary depending on the season, weather, and temperature. 

Paw Prints:

  You will be able to view your gallery of images in-person at the ordering consultation which is typically scheduled within a few weeks of the initial photography session at either at the client's home or my studio. Customized no-interest payment plans for all Collections and products are available. Please allow 4-6 weeks for order completion. We are required by law to charge and collect sales tax on all orders.

That's Ruff!

   Animals are most comfortable in environments and settings that are familiar to them. That is where we are able to capture the most genuine true to character of your pets in photographs. My on-location photography sessions allows for the flexibility and to bring everything needed to your home, park, or backyard to capture gorgeous images. I recommend and prefer on-location photo shoots because of the high quality natural light that is most often available and the ease of working with animals when they feel safe and secure. 

   Indoor photography sessions are recommended for your pet's safety when it is very hot outside during the Florida summers. For example, it would not be safe to photography your dog outside and high noon in August in Tampa. I do make arrangements for early morning or early evening outdoor shoots during this season, those spaces are limited, so book them as early as possible.

   If you prefer a well groomed look for your pet's portraits please have your pet groomed and/or bathed prior to the portrait session.

   Taking your pet for a gentle walk or light exercise before the photography session helps expend nervous energy and rambunctiousness so that they are calmer during the shoot.

   Please feed your pet their usual meal at the usual time prior to the photo shoot and allow your pet to go potty before the photography session so that they are comfortable.

   Have their favorite treats, toys, and blankets handy. Things with familiar smells are comforting to an animal.

   Be patient with your pet (and yourself) during the photography session. Animals have short attention spans, very much like young children, so they will get distracted and need breaks. This is normal and I expect it to happen. Most of the session will involve re-positioning the pet and the props - that is part of animal photography.

Shirt Tails:

   If you are planning to be in the photograph with your pet I recommend you were solid colors, avoid patterns, wear long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeves, and choose colors that contrast your pet's coloring so that you do not blend into your pet. Family groups should wear the same color or colors that are in the same color family (ex: dark blues and light blues and aquas, reds and pinks, etc...) Also avoid colors that contrast with each other (ex: black and white, red and green, blue and yellow, etc ...) If you need help deciding what to wear, please contact us and we will be happy to give you some some suggestions. And, it never hurts to have an extra lint brush handy.

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