Pets and their People

January 14, 2023

Heads Shot?

When a request for a “heads shot” as opposed to a “headshot” hit my inbox, I read on with curiosity to see what this unusual request was all about. As a pet photographer, I typically get emails from people asking about photographs with their menagerie of pets: dogs, cats, birds, horses, even turtles and all sorts of reptiles. At first glance, this request seemed outside of my “Pets and their People” specialty. I read on to discover that this potential client was about to have his book published and his publisher needed a headshot for the back cover of the book. As you will see when you read his book, David Dennis does things in innovative ways. In this instance, David informed his publisher that he’d be sending a “heads shot,” a photograph of himself with his sweet little red-nosed puppy, Thais. I chuckled to myself thinking, I don’t know this person, but if his dog is going on his book cover, he’s my kind of people – pet people!

So, I picked up the phone and we scheduled a photo shoot. After a few attempts of typically adorable puppy antics: sniffing new smells, loving licks and kisses on her people … wait A SQUIRREL … barking at my camera, and probably a few too many treats, I got some adorable and silly pictures of Thais. But I still needed to get “the heads shot” David wanted for his book. So, we walked over to another side of the park. And, then with the magical and mysterious squeak of a hidden noise maker – curious little Thais peered right at me intent on discovering where that intriguing noise came from at the same moment that David gently had wrapped his arm around her. Nailed it! I got the “heads shot” David was looking for. David’s book, Gameness, is thoughtfully written guidance about navigating adversity and how to take a constructive approach to getting through those challenging times. I encourage you to read his book and I am honored to have had the opportunity to have taken the author’s “heads shot” and to meet David, his wife, Becky and sweet playful Thais. You can learn more about David Dennis and his book, Gameness, here: and at Newswires: