Photography Sessions

At Blue Merle Photography, I create beautiful one-of-a-kind photographs that capture your pet's unique personality and your relationship with them. My goal is to create timeless images of your pet's playful frolicking, their quiet restful moments, or their looking into your eyes with their white muzzled face and soulful eyes. Photographing each pet's personality and spirit in the comfort of their own home, a favorite park or yard ensures that your pet is comfortable and happy so that natural and genuine expression showing off the essence of their personality comes through in each photograph. I hand select the best images from your session to include in your gallery and album design that uniquely represent your pet’s personality and your relationship with them. We will schedule time together (zoom or in person) when your gallery is ready for you to choose your favorite images to hang on your walls and include in albums.

On Location or at Home:

All outdoor sessions are scheduled two hours before sunset and may take up to one to two hours on location (park, scenic, urban, outdoors) depending on your pet’s energy level, age and health. At home and backyard sessions are typically scheduled between Noon and 2:00 PM or two hours before sunset and may also take up to one to two hours. For your pet’s safety, we will keep them on leash and edit the leash out in the digital enhancement process. Outdoor photography sessions may be affected by weather and will be rescheduled at the next soonest available date if the weather prevents an outdoor session.  

Florida clients:

For yours and your pets’ safety, outdoor photography sessions will only be scheduled when the weather is safe and cool enough to be outside for an extended period of time. Indoor sessions are always available and taken from an angle so that household distractions will not appear in the images.

New England, Washington state and California clients:

Photo sessions are scheduled with the same safety guidelines in mind as for Florida. If it’s too hot or too cold or too rainy, we will do the session indoors or reschedule. If you do not have an indoor location like your home where you want to have the session, we’ll figure something out. Give me a head’s up so we can plan for a fun and beautiful experience.

Appreciation from Blue Merle Clients

“OMG - the photography was great it captured so many expressions and shots of my high energy dog Being a scrap booker I can't wait to print and work with the photos! I was extremely impressed with the photographer's knowledge and adaptability - nothing could have improved the photo take!”

—Joyce F.

“Amazing photographer! She has a way with animals and people together.”

—Jessica L.L.

“Thank you for the beautiful photos. We will cherish these photos.”

—Mickey P.

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