A 50% reservation retainer will be collected when the session is booked and the remaining balance must be paid in full by the day of the photography session. Venmo, credit cards, PayPal and cash are all accepted. Sales tax is included in the all-inclusive Collections. Photography sessions may be scheduled up to 6 months in advance to help spread the costs over monthly payments so that the session is paid in full by the scheduled date.

Artisan Canvases and Custom Designs

Blue Merle Photography designs and sells beautiful artisan images on gallery wrapped canvas for display on the walls of your home in all sizes, as well as, luxury albums, jewelry, and even pet tags! These artisan works are individually priced.

Preparing You and Your Pet for the Session

If you prefer a well-groomed look for your pet, please have your pet groomed and/or bathed a week or so before the photography session. This is completely optional. I personally prefer my own dog to look a bit “scruffy” in his pictures, so grooming before the session is entirely based on your personal preference.

Taking your pet for a gentle walk or light exercise before the session helps expend nervous energy and rambunctiousness so that they are calmer.

Please feed your pet their usual meal at the usual time prior to the session and allow your pet to go potty before the session so that they are comfortable. Have their favorite treats, toys and blanket handy. Things with familiar smells are comforting to an animal.

Be patient with your pet and children (and yourself) during the session. Animals have short attention spans, very much like young children, so they will get distracted and need breaks. Most of the session will involve repositioning pets and people. This is normal and I expect it to happen.

Leashes: For your pet’s safety, we will keep them on leash and edit the leash out in the editing digital enhancement process.

What to Wear

I encourage you to be in some of the pictures with your pets and family so we can capture the special bond you have together. The most important thing to consider when deciding what to where is to wear what you feel most comfortable and happy in. Wear something easy to move in so you can be close to your pet and family. Avoid wearing dark colors like black or navy. You may want to choose colors that contrast your pet's coloring so that you do not blend into your pet. Family groups are encouraged to wear colors that are in the same color family (ex: light blues, aquas, teals, or reds and pinks) Avoid colors that contrast with each other (ex: black and white, red and green, blue and yellow). If you need help deciding what to wear, please contact the studio for ideas. It never hurts to have an extra lint brush handy.

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